"Unknown Notorious Google Adwords Expert Exposes the Brass Knuckles Approach to Kicking Anybody's Ass With Pay Per Click . . . And a Whole Enchilada More"

Hey Man,

Just wanted to say I was real hesitant to put a G down on something I didn't
know would work. I work full time in this space and didn't think I would
learn anything. The real value in this isn't at all what you can do with
the search engines (I already know that better than most) it's your
understanding of how to work the affiliate system. That understanding is second to none, and worthy of envy.

Thank you for what you do.

Chris Wight

Before all the Death reports knocked us to our knees in 2006 - Perhaps you remember the "Death Sentence" of January 2005?

That's when Google made their revolutionary policy change - you know the one that was supposed to kill the whole lot of Google Cashers?

Well, I wrote a potent little report on how to exploit those changes to your advantage.

Meaning - not only does your business not die - but it thrives.

This is WAY beyond the finger pointing "We told you that you shoulda had a squeeze page" stuff . . .

This is how to torpedo your competition and leave them stunned and clueless about what even hit them.

After sharing it with my three closest Internet buddies, they all agreed - independent of each other - that there was NO WAY I should share this with the rest of the Internet marketing world.

Like a greedy, hoarding bastard, I took that advice and I didn't share.

And it burned on my couch along with the rest of my house. Engulfed in bright orange flames it melted to my frickin' Lazy Boy hideaway.

At least, that's what I thought.

The data recovery experts were able to peel the plastic goo that remained of my laptop from the hard drive.

And months later they recovered the precious information on it. Truth is, I forgot all about - I had more important things to worry about, like buying t-shirts, shorts and finding a place for my family to live.

Fast-forward: Late October, 2005

I finally sat down to look at what was on that old hard drive. I was digging through the data that survived when my eyes stopped on a file titled: gex.pdf

"Oh yeah. That's that report I wrote and never sold."

I thought I'd open it up and see if any of the information was even relevent now.


I remember now why I didn't want to sell it then. I reveal a tactic that I don't think Google wants shared. There's a GAPING loophole in the system that's nothing short of wicked. Use this and KILL your competition.

The report consists of just 4 pages - and I was going to sell it for $47 (which would have been foolishly cheap).

What's in it?

  • I revealed a tool that nearly doubled my sales with the exact same traffic numbers I had before. In fact, nothing else changed but this one sneaky little trick.

  • I figured out a way to know exactly what my competitors were bidding, their CTR's - everything.

  • I discovered a NAUGHTY, NAUGHTY trick that burned up the ad budgets of my competition, drove up their PPC prices to the point of being unprofitable and inevetibly drove them out of the market altogether.

  • Fighting for my survival (OK that's a little overstated), I discovered a way to turn the tables on the merchants who were competing with me for ad placement.

Remarkably, I've never heard anyone, anywhere mention ANY of this stuff. Do they dare? Do they even know? ( I REALLY don't think so)

Another tactic I reveal - and I reveal many - is so nasty that the software I recommended has since removed that component at Clickbank's DIRECT request.

But, I'll include access to a script that does the job and more.

"I don't care how good your information is in an ebook, you go and try to sell that ebook for 197 or 250 dollars. It can't be done. It's very, very difficult to do."

- John Reese, The Reese Report April 2006

The Adwords Black Book, priced at $197,
sold out on April 4th, 2006.

(without any pre-launch drama-queen hype)


Of course John Reese was writing about the importance of creating physical product - but his point is clear; it IS very difficult to sell a $197 ebook so it better be REALLY damn good.

The Adwords Black Book was really damn good - on word of mouth buzz the book sold out in just 19 days starting with no pre-launch hype, no JV partners, no affiliates, and less than $5 spent on advertising.

Customers loved it - they made money almost from day one.

And the people who missed out? I get an email or two almost every day from people BEGGING me to sell them a copy - some of them have even written me hate mail, literally DEMANDING that I sell them a copy.

Please, Please, PLEASE Sell Me a Copy!

"Hey X...did you have any refunds and an extra copy you
want to get rid of? I missed the offer. "

"Mr X,

I really want your book but it has sold out... from what I can see without

I would very much appreciate purchasing a copy... and repsectfully request
an exception"

"Adwords Black Book - come on please sell me one copy.
i will pay by paypal right away"

"i get slammed with stuff I don't want all the time and then something good comes along and it sells out before I even hear about it - I'm pissed. You have to sell me a copy - this just sucks."

(I've probably recieved at least 100 of these. Wish I'd kept them all now.)

Even though I have recieved some passionate requests to sell more of the Adwords Black Book, I said I would only sell 500 copies - and that's EXACTLY what I sold - no more.

I told them "NO ... NO ... NO"

"The Adwords Blackbook"

This is a radical book and won't be for everyone. While some of the techniques are things I wouldn't personally use I did get two fantastic ideas from the book I will be using heavily from now on. It definitely made a few ideas I had been pondering "come together" so to speak.

Disclaimer: If you are easily offended or freak out on radical ideas DON'T BUY THIS BOOK!

Allen Says, Owner, The Warrior Forum

When all 500 copies of the Adwords Black Book sold out I thought that was it.


Selling Internet marketing information to Internet marketer's is one thing - doing it is another. And I love doing it.

Now, you might be wondering "How do you sell out of a digital product?"

You have to understand how powerful the information in that book is - I was only willing to sell it to 500 people because I had serious concerns that if too many people had access to these techniques they'd lose some of their power.

Black Book Best Investment Ever

The BB (Adwords Black Book) was the best investment I've ever made. I haven't had time to go all out with it, but I net over $2000 a month with just two affiliate campaings.


-- Kirk McDonough


Reviews of the Adwords Black Book - That Puny Little 90 Page Ebook That Cost Only $197.

(Go ahead, click their links - I'm not worried about you not coming back. You will - just don't take too long because it might cost you.)


  • Klaus Dahl

    "In my opinion Mr. X is a genius. His marketing information is really, really good and very useful.

    In "Adwords Black Book" the author - the anonymous Mr. X - takes a unique stand on how to market using Google Adwords. And his advice and methods are really good and very useful.

    However, there is one thing about this book that I don't like: I don't like the dirty language in the book.

    But when that's said, I can't deny that Mr. X really has included a lot of quality information in this book that you won't find elsewhere."

  • Jason Lewis

    "If you are looking for advanced tactics on how to use Google Adwords to make money, this is information you won’t want to miss…

    I discovered some really groundbreaking tactics yesterday, that are going to completely change the way I use Google AdWords to make money.

    With so many information products about AdWords these days, I have found that they all seem to contain very similar information, with no new techniques I hadn’t previously heard of.

    But this was very different, with some truly eye-opening ways to crush your competitors, and make commission even when the visitor DOESN’T click on your affiliate link…yes you did hear that right!

    Now, I must warn you, this is definitely not for everyone because some may view the tactics being used as a bit controversial. I should also point out that the author is very ‘in your face’ with the language he uses."

  • Saul - HowtoSell.info

    All you need to know is very clearly written on the sales page. What you need to know before you click your way over there is just this: the ebook is extremely honest and up front. And quite expensive too, because the secrets it shares are well worth keeping out of most people’s heads.

    So if you’re up to read some refreshingly (maybe brutally) honest stuff, and you’re up to pay what is needed to stand up above your adwords competitors -and probably trash them to the ground - check the Adwords Black Book NOW.

  • CashScout - Ewealth.com

Some of you may have already heard about the new ppc ebook called Adwords Black Book. It's not often that I find an ebook that I consider to be truly educational to me. More often, ebooks about ppc marketing just recycle the same ideas with a slightly different twist. This is not the case with Adwords Black Book. The strategies discussed in this book are not the standard strategies that you would expect to find in an ebook. While some of these strategies are on the shady side, it is a truly enlightening read. I want to emphasize that you if you buy it then you should use caution and your best judgment when applying the strategies in the book.

The price is $197, but I feel that it's worth the price because the information revealed is truly the private strategies of a successful and innovative Adwords marketer. Most ebooks hold back information, only giving you enough to to gain a general understanding of the ppc game. This ebook outlines specific strategies that you can use to gain an advantage in this increasingly competitive field.

If you're ready for a truly engaging and enlightening read about Adwords strategies then you're ready for Adwords Black Book.

Cy Lai

  • Adwords Black book is the BEST internet marketing book that I’ve read(and I’ve read a lot of IM stuff craps), and it helps me to break 4 digits affiliate commissions. It teaches me to focus on the market and build a business. I am very thankful that Mr. X released this book. This is why I am very excited about the release of the Blackbook DVD because my experience told me that anything X recommends/releases are top notch, or simply, will make me $$$. I owe alot to him.

  • "Montel"

    The book is pretty in your face and the tactics are very aggressive but it's probably the best internet marketing book I've bought and I know
    a lot of people think that too - it makes money
    and thats more than you can say about most of the books out there - even the expensive programs.

    The book sold out a long time ago - so you can't get it anymore but I'm sure "Mr X" will have something else befoore long - hope so.


But then one thing leads to another and another and . . . BAM!@#!, I'm doing a workshop in the outback boonies of Arizona.

On last minute notice, Adwords hit men (and women) shelled out $2400 and came from every corner of the earth - The U.K., Australia, The U.S., Canada, Germany, New Zealand - as .X. and his henchmen did a killer tactics brain dump over four days.

And we got every diabolical second on video.

You have to know these PPC killers (who've been killing it for the last three months since the workshop) came to my remote little hometown with EXTREME expectations.

And they left saying . . .

".X. blew away my expectations
and WAY over delivered.


A lot has changed since the release of the Adwords Black Book - Adsense, Internet marketing and crap have all died miserable deaths . . . but those Black Book techniques are kicking ass like they're possessed by Michael Myers.

Yes, I am saying that smack is more essential to your survival today than ever it were before (ESPECIALLY since Yahoo Search Marketing, aka Overture, just changed their ranking system to work like Google's).

And then there's "Google Slap". What a joke.

People are dropping like bloated flies because of "Google Slap". And I'm loving it - because Google slap has only ADDED to my bottom line.

Mass chaos is running the show, the "gurus" are grasping for answers - even telling people to add more content as the answer.

Are You Friggin' Kiddin' Me?

I don't know about these 'gurus', but I stopped sniffin' glue back in the fifth grade.

Their membership in the 'guru clique club' should be revoked - they should be forced to walk out of town . . . naked.

If these were the days of the Scarlet Letter they'd have "BS" tattooed on their asses and they'd spend their days in the stockades while we threw rotten tomatoes at them.

You and I don't get paid for producing irrelevant content - we get paid for producing sales.


My Character Defects Revealed

Sooner or later you will discover I have a few character defects - so let me be up front and tell you about them now.

It's been all over the place that I'm a "genius", "brilliant", "the Adwords Ninja" . . .

The reality?

I'm a paranoid perfectionist. I mean, look at my picture - I'm a freak of nature.

My mind doesn't rest. I'm obsessed with marketing and I'm obsessed with delivering the absolute best material I can.

I'm obsessed with being the best - I'm THE PPC hit man, but I don't stop there. I create KILLER content. Newbies don't tell me that - the best of the best tell me that. And I'll teach you EXACTLY how to be a cold-blooded hit man too.

Nobody can stop me but me. And when I'm done with you, nobody will be able to stop you either (except maybe me).

The Black Book DVD's are a great product; don't doubt it.

Is there an Internet marketer alive teaching Internet marketing that wouldn't think they had a good enough product by just polishing up the workshop video and letting it ride with the killer content already there?

But now, my obsessive compulsion has me locked in a shabby little room (it keeps me hungry) banging out everything too (and remembering crazy tricks I didn't even think of sharing at my workshop), to make sure that you REALLY get it. And by "it", I mean the WHOLE picture.

I'm not talking about a transcript or regurgitation of what was delivered at the workshop; we got spankin' new material folks - better depth and explanation.

Because what's clear to the people paying attention is this: I'm not teaching a few static tricks - these are dynamic approaches only limited by the creativity of the user.

You're getting a toolbox of brilliance.

It's a total marketing brain dump - you can't define the edges of reality here to a neat little box.

What I'm teaching goes beyond making a few bucks - it's industry domination. It's the future of Internet marketing.

No Dear Ros, this isn't doom and gloom intended to generate enough fear to make you take action.

I don't want people motivated by fear; I want customers motivated by winning.

I want people intent on kicking down any door that gets in their way and TAKING what they want. (I KNOW psychology and if you have questions right now about this program - you're being motivated by fear. If you're motivated by winning, you're loving every word.)

Welcome to the Mean Streets

It's just simple damn reality. Things are changing. We already see it happening. And you ain't seen nothing yet.

You think the game is already rough and competitive?

The bar just keeps getting higher.


I feel sorry for anyone else putting an Internet marketing product out to compete with this one.

In fact, if I was planning a January launch and I knew I'd be competing with this kind of material, this quality of product . . . forget it. All the hype in the world won't make up for it.

That's the bar .X. is looking at. Why would you accept anything anything less? Did I stutter?

Hey John,

I got your DVD set the other day, and I've been going through it.

Really killer stuff. I'll definitely be giving it my full endorsement



Jordan Hall, Promo Code Secrets


Why I Dumped Adwords

Maybe you've noticed I dropped "Adwords" from the name of this program . . .

There is so much covered in this program I don't want anybody thinking in a box of "this is an Adwords program".

This is a total marketing picture. We cover just about anything and everything you could want - or need to know - about becoming a successful Internet marketer.

Of course, I teach how you can be up and running (and making money) fast. No guarantees, of course, that everyone can or will do that - there is work involved and there are skills to develop and frankly not everyone has what it takes to succeed at Internet marketing.

But I will say this - if you can't make money with this information, you best consider another career. You're paying for genius - and if genius can't make you money . . .

Adwords is my primary way of driving traffic. And you will be learning my best stuff on the subject - how to build keyword lists almost guaranteed to make money, how to write REAL ads that produce huge click through rates (no more of this "don't buy" "is this a scam" BS). . .

Where the REAL best ad positions are, my approach to split-testing ads to find the top performers faster and a lot more.

But that's just a few hours out of over FIFTEEN jam packed hours of content - we move fast and furious and here are some of the other details covered in the Black Book DVD's:

  • I reveal a tool that consistently doubles my sales with the exact same traffic numbers I had before. In fact, nothing else changes but this one sneaky-smart little trick.

  • Split Testing and Why the Winner is Your Greatest Enemy

  • The trick I taught a friend about how he can steal your customers, Mr. Guru, by giving away his products.

  • Thank you Mr. Trump; the Donald is spot on when he says "Success comes from making the numbers work" - I show you ways to out muscle the muscleheads with devious cunning.

  • My Complete Marketing System: You Can Duplicate It in Any Market. A business is a system; take this system and just keep tweaking it for optimal output (that means profit, my friend - profit).

  • How to "legally steal" the best customers in any marketplace. You can spend your money building big lists - or you can spend your money building HIGHLY TARGETED lists. Riddle me this, my bat freak friend . . . which is better, that or this?

  • My NAUGHTY, NAUGHTY trick that burns up the ad budgets of my competition, drives up their PPC prices to the point of being unprofitable and inevitably drives them out of the market altogether.

  • What EVERY Highly Successful PPC Marketer Knows That You Don't - but when you do know, that little light bulb will burn so bright you'll blind your competition.

  • A Dirty Little Forum Marketing Trick I Know About - Yeah, .X. Caught You Bad Boy - and I'll bet you made a boatload off the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript. Smart. Very smart.

  • PPC Basics: I'll Get You Newbies Up to Speed FAST and Reveal the Reason Most People New to PPC Marketing Doom Themselves to Failure Before They've BLOWN a Cent.

  • Advanced PPC Strategies: All the Adwords Black Book Tricks Revealed In-Depth, Plus All New Tricks Almost Guaranteed to Drop Your Jaw (see the 'Double Barrelled Bitch Slap Technique' and how to use the existing Bitch Slap Techniques in uniquely creative ways - a mix and match toolbox of torpedo tactics)

    NOTE TO WORKSHOP ATTENDEES: Remember I showed you one of the affiliate products I promote and mentioned how I'd have to Bitch Slap someone on my turf in the number three spot? I did - they've fallen WAY back in the pack and my sales have doubled. Check it out.

  • PPC Psychology: I Will Reveal The Psychological Secrets That I Have Never Heard Another Marketer Discuss Anywhere, Ever. Within an Hour, I Will Give You Everything You Need to Know About Human Psychology to Get Anything You Want (like I do).

  • How to Get Your Unsuspecting Competitors to Pay You for Spying on Their Business. See - I don't stop at collecting a commission check - I take it way further. I want to know the intimate details of how you run your business - what works and doesn't. How you REALLY make your money and even IF you make money. PPC my way tells it all if you know how to read the tea leaves.

  • The Double-Barrelled Bitch Slap Technique That You Can Use to Kick Ass on Ebay, Amazon, and Other Affiliates / Businesses Who "Cross the Line"

    Even .X. keeps discovering different ways to use this - in fact, I'm going to use a variation of this to actually send traffic to a competitors site and clean up on the commissions (come on , I'm paying for his traffic)

  • How to Identify Your Competitors "Sweet Profit Spot", Attack It Like a Pit Bull and Cripple Their Entire PPC Platform.

    Let's face it - most people ARE NOT tracking sales to keywords. IF you take 'these' keywords away from your competitor his CAMPAIGNS will go in the toilet. Losing money, he'll be gone faster than Kirstie Alley chasing a cupcake.

"Wow! Am I impressed... this is sheer marketing genius.


Alan S., Queensland Australia

  • How Smart Business Owners Get Their Competitors to Foot the Bill for Testing

  • How You Can "Claim" Other People's Products as Your Own and Use Them to Build YOUR Business

  • The Way to Become an "Unofficial Affiliate Manager" and Make Money Off Other People Promoting Products You Don't Even Own.

  • Cool 'IP' Tricks that Can Explode Your Sales - What I Shared in the Adwords Black Book was Only One of MANY.

  • The Next Generation "Squeeze Page" That Is Just DAMN Smart. I got "Mr. Go Try This Blackhat", John Reel, to spill his guts on what the top underground guys are doing with this. Tom Bell doesn't tell it this good.

  • My Brilliant Friend's Devious Plot: Without Even Knowing He's Almost a Criminal Gen ious, My Buddy is Gaining the Best Customers in His Market by GIVING AWAY His Products for FREE - and How You Can Do This Too.

  • Why ROI Means Nothing, How This Has Other Guru's Making / Teaching the Wrong Approach - and Why My Little Buddy Napoleon Would Grin With Approval.

  • How You Should Be Segmenting Your Keyword Lists and Driving That Traffic [This is totally obvious, but nobody's teaching it and I don't know anyone doing it either].

  • The "Three Pronged Nasty" - Adsense, Yes ADSENSE on LSD psychedelic trippy.

Hi X,

thanks, I just got the package today. As you can imagine, I've already started consuming the information. Started out with the printed booklets. I don't even have to waste space telling you how good
this stuff is. Your IP stuff alone is worth millions.

I know, because ever since I read about it in your ebook, I've revived it in my ppc marketing and I'm profiting by it . . .

Nana Gilbert-Baffoe

(If you know about Nana,
you know he's serious)


This package is hardcore and I will take no prisoners - they only slow me down.

I'm going to teach you almost everything I know (I saved a few tricks, exclusively, for my wife) - the strategies, tricks and tactics you want to know - about making money with Adwords and using affiliate marketing to build a business.

To be clear - this is NOT a "How to become a good affiliate marketer" training program - it's how I use affiliate marketing in ruthless ways to build my business by gaining strategic insight into the competitors in any market.

And I will show you how to do it too.

If you're a Google Cash type affiliate marketer you will learn how to build a real business and dominate the market.

Attn: Business Owners

If you have a business with products and services of your own
- you will learn how to use your competitions affiliate programs to build YOUR bottom line.

I get a lot of business owners thinking they're above this 'affiliate thing'. Trust me cowboy - armed with this ammo, your affiliate's can shoot your ass down and you'll be promoting them if you don't pay CLOSE attention.

My Message to Merchants

The most common question I get is . . .


Although I hear you're the ninja of PPC marketing - and my business could use that - you talk a lot about affiliate marketing - what does this have to do with 'merchants' - ie, people selling
their own products and services?"

You want me to put it into a word?


Let me expound.

Most affiliate products are front-end lead generators - entry point products.

The smart merchant creates a $27, $47 - or $67 lead generator and pays his affiliates a 50% commission for every sale.

Risk to merchant? Almost none.

He has an army of affiliates investing their time, money, and effort to send
traffic to his site, while building his prospect and customer database.

Let's remove the rose colored glasses, por uno momento.

Now, when I say there is no risk - that's really NOT true and here's what I mean . . .

There is risk in creating product, investing time in setting up the systems to sell the product, investing in good sales copy to produce sales, hiring staff to take care of customers, etc, etc.

The risk involved is "People may not want this and I may never sell a thing."

Do you want to learn that AFTER you've made your investment?

Maybe one of the following is wrong:

- The target market
- The nature of the product
- The sales approach
- The timing
- Etc.

So, what if there was a way to know all of the above BEFORE creating new product?

What if there was a way to know exactly what works, how well it works - what if you were virtually guaranteed of success and somebody else - your competitor - paid you to know?

No - I am not talking about surveys - what people DO is not always the same as what they SAY they will do.

Most people use affiliate marketing as a way of making money and that's it.

Sure, I'll show you how to make great money doing nothing but that in the Black Book DVDs if it's what you really want.

But that, my friend, is only the tip of the iceberg as an affiliate.

You can do so much more - like use your competitors product as YOUR front end product.

That's right - I will show you how to have your competitor pay you to build YOUR business (instead of his).

If you think competitive intelligence MIGHT be a little important to your long-term success, you want to know what I have to tell.


To Be Straight Up Honest With You . . .

At this moment, I have no idea how many copies of the Black Book DVD's I will allow to be bought.

I can only say, "That number is not unlimited."

Remember, I only sold 500 copies of the Adwords Black Book. That was a digital product and I could have sold 5,000 copies.

I didn't; I'm glad I didn't.

I MAY sell more than 500 copies of the DVD's, but IF I do, they will not be cheap. I probably - PROBABLY - won't limit the number of sets sold, but instead raise the price until people stop buying.

Black Book DVDs Package - Image only represents possible final package.

( The final package consists of 13 DVD's, two manuals of about 150 pages each, two special reports, a desktop software application, and probably a few surprises)

All right. You want some details.

Here's what's covered:

  • Adwords Basics (Advanced User-style)

  • Keyword Research, The Three Types of Searches and How to Almost Guarantee You Make Money

  • Ad Writing That Gets Maximum Results for Minimum Cost.

  • Landing Page Strategies and Why Most Info on Google Slap is PURE Crap.

  • How to Get or Create Product FAST! Product is the REAL Key to Affiliate Success

  • The Three Uses of Affiliate Marketing and Why Even the Lucky Few Who Make Money at It Are Only Making One-fifth, or Less, of What They Could Be.

  • Bidding Strategy

  • How and why I rarely lose money on an Adwords campaign.

  • Internet Marketing Psychology: Throw Away All of the Complicated Psycho Books Cluttering Your Bookshelf - In Less Than an Hour, I Reveal Everything You REALLY Need to Know About What Makes People Buy.

  • How to Get Rich Giving Away Products: How You Can Make More Money and Gain More Customers by Giving Your Stuff Away (and No, It's Probably Not How You Think).

  • Go Try This with Creator John Reel; Watch John Demonstrate the Untapped Power of This Software (White Hat and Black Hat Versions) and Learn a Trick or Two from Mr. X.

  • Quick Copy Makeovers by Carl Galletti . . . I HAD to Talk Carl Into Showing You How to Take Advantage of One of the Great Opportunities Available Right Now.

  • Advanced Gateway Strategies with John Reel. This is Internet marketing grad school level material. John shared some killer info in this session.

  • .X.-rated Killer Tactics. I will say no more here. You know what I'm talking about.

  • Invisible Popup Tricks (I've only shown you the surface of this rabbit hole in the Adwords Black Book)

  • Bitch Slapping and Bully Techniques, Including My New Double-Barrelled Bitch Slap Technique and Creative Ways Most Black Book Owners Have Yet to Think (One Workshop Attendee Called Me "Evil" During This Session - and he would know)

  • The "Marshmallow Session" That Left Me, Literally, Snow Blind on an 80-Degree Day

I don't know. There was a lot more that I can't even remember at the moment.

There will also be some software included.


Just Received My DVD's

Hey X.

I already got my vids...I really didn't know what to expect and didn't
realize I would be getting the library of congress version of adwords.

Thanks for sending a huge amount of info...now to start disecting....

Take care!


. . .

Im about 1.2 way through the 1st book...this is actually a gold mine. I
have been studying the psychology behind sales for the past few months so I am pretty happy...this is right in line with "where I'm at"....

Wes Wilkinson


The Offer

The DVD's will be sold on an escalating price scale - $997 at launch on January 23rd, with the price going up when I feel like raising it (that's not a hype thing - I will be raising to at least $1197 after a couple hundred sales and continuing to raise the price after that until nobody buys anymore).

Supply and Demand Baby

The reason this "program" is priced high is simple: It can get you sex, I mean - I want to limit the number of people who have this information.

I only sold 500 copies of the Adwords Black Book because I thought that was the maximum to protect my customer's investment and maintain the integrity of the tactics.

The book was high level - the DVD's are even higher. It's not for beginners. It's not for people who are going to cry daddy when they hit the buy button. Sorry.

I've made tons of money from these tactics and others have too - you may not - but I wouldn't put this out to the world if it wasn't the absolute best, most cutting edge information available.

I am not going to put a limit number on sales - that paints me into a corner I don't want to be painted into. Instead, I will just keep raising the price. If someone wants to pay $6000 for the program, I'll do that. Of course, not many will - so essentially there is a limit on units sold.

Right now, there is a supply and that's why the price is lower now. As the supply dwindles, the prices goes up.

Will there be advanced notice? Don't count on it. If you don't know me - know that I mean what I say. If you do know me, you know I mean what I say.

The Ultimate "Hate" Mail - This Customer Actually Accused Me of Being a Racist for NOT Selling Him a Copy of the Adwords Black Book After It Sold Out . . .

NOTE: You replied to my first email "immediately" but you don't
reply my emails after I mentioned *my country* in my second email.

Why you don't reply my emails after I mentioned *my country*? I can
show you "receipts" from IMC, Marlon Sanders, Armand Morin, Joe
Vitale, Ewen Chia, etc.

Do you know that *my country* bought internet marketing products
more than Denmark, Italy, Israel, etc.?

Do you want I discuss your racialist attitude in Warrior forum?

Do you assume that there isn't a good guy in *my country*?
*my country* is the largest cheat cases because there's still
very few online transactions from *my country* so it looked like
the largest cheat cases.


I assured this person I am not a 'racist' -
the damn book is just SOLD OUT! I'm not selling anymore copies regardless of age, race, sex . . . or nationality - PERIOD!

You didn't get to read the previous emails, but this customer wanted the Black Book BAD - bad enough to say this.


Lined up like an army of Mr. Smith's, ready to kick ass. Can you feel them in your hot little hands? Can you feel them? Breathe in the Power.

The REALLY BIG Package

This baby isn't in the Library of Congress - yet. But one of the first customers who received his DVD's wrote back to say "I didn't realize I was getting the Library of Congress version of Adwords"! There's a LOT here - but don't worry, it's not fluff - ask anyone who knows me, I say what needs to be said and not much more.

OK, here's what you get to know, direct from me "The Adwords Hit man", "The Pay-per-click Madman", the "King Kong of Clickdom" . . .

The Black Book DVD's

I'm sure I've already written enough about 'em. Here's the play list:

  • Introduction to the Way of .X.
  • Adwords Basics Advanced
  • The Key to Keywords
  • Writing Ads That Make Money
  • Workshop Giblets
  • Affiliate Marketing Your Way to Industry Domination
  • "How to Get Rich Giving Away Your Products" by Carl Galletti
  • Nasty *Secret Tool* Tricks
  • How to Deconstruct Your Buyer's Psychology
  • "Go Try This" with John Reel
  • "The Marshmallow Session"
  • Bidding Strategy for Maximum Profit
  • Landing Pages Google Loves
DVD 10
  • "Quick Copy Makeovers" with Carl Galletti
DVD 11
  • "The Money Target Session"
  • Squeezing More Blood: Testing, Tracking and Surveying
  • "Gateway Magic" with John Reel
DVD 12
  • "How to Get, or Create, Product FAST!" with Carl Galletti
DVD 13
  • Killer PPC Tactics "They" Don't Want You to Know

  • (Wrongly named, "they" don't even know these tactics)


The Black Book Manuals

As tickled-pink happy as I am with the information on the DVD's I HAD to go over the top. So I sat down and wrote . . . and I wrote . . . and I wrote. For a solid month I wrote as much as I could and when it was all done - 300 pages of content.

The Second Most Valuable Piece of Software Ever...

Software is a tool - and if you've got the know-how to use this tool like I use this tool then you can double your affiliate profits and romp. This is a vital part of the system I put on the table for you.

You don't have to buy it - you can't buy it. But I'm giving it to you.

How powerful is this software? A version of it was once on the market and Clickbank demanded the seller remove it from his product.

Even if you have the original tool, you may not ever figure out how to use it like I have. It has literally put 100's of thousands of dollars in my pocket. At this point, not even Traffic Equalizer made more money for me.

I've had an all-new desktop app programmed that makes pulling off .X.-like tricks, easy.

Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript

Hey - I'm just kidding on this one. If you don't already have this, I'll give it to you. This is the closest thing I have to a gratuitous sex scene - and I realize I have not yet used the word sex in this sales letter and since we all know sex sells, I had to show you a little sex, sex, sex.

Bonus Inserts . . .

"Quick Copy Makeovers"

There are little goldmine's sittin' all over the place that just need a little spit-shine copy makeover. Polish 'em up and rock 'em out there. This is from Master Copywriter, Carl Galletti - not available anywhere else (at least that he's told me about).

"How to Get, or Create Product Fast"

With my product launching, the biggest request I've had from JV partners is . . . bonuses to offer. One of the special inserts is the very COMPREHENSIVE "How to Get, or Create Product Fast" by Carl Galletti - Carl has more product sitting around than he has time to sell and he's routinely one of the top selling JV partners on big-ticket product launches because of it. GREAT information.

Some Surprises . . .

I'm not going to promise you things that aren't DONE (I still haven't received things I was promised and paid for last June - I don't know about you, but that pisses me off). I will only say it's VERY likely I will be delivering some additional goodies.

The Infamous .X. Guarantee

I will shoot straight with you here. Is there a guarantee? Of course. I stand behind my work and I know you don't know me from . . . X . . . so I'm not going to try to push the envelope that far.

BUT . . .

If there's even an inkling of a thought that you're going to return this, at this moment, then get the hell out of here. Don't waste my time. I'm not a library and I'm not here to disseminate my information to freeloaders. If that's your mentality, don't waste your own time because you'll never make it anyway. That's my second guarantee.

I'm here to sincerely help a few good people who want help and who are willing to take action and help themselves. If that's you and after you buy this information you just don't see how this information can possibly make you a pile of dough, then let me know. I'll give you your money back, no problems and it's all good.

But if you're a whiner or freeloader - and I'll know it if that's what you are . . . leave. Now.

Still here?

Great. Let's make a deal. You buy my program. You use my program and if you make money, you be happy because you made a good investment. When I come out with new stuff on the cutting edge, you buy it and you maybe make even more money.

You use program and if it doesn't work for you, you request a refund within 45-days.

Let's, be REAL clear; I'm making no promises regarding your actual earnings - and I'm not putting any limitations on how much you could make either. If you already make money with PPC - if you already know how to work the process a bit - this is like giving a samurai a sword.

A lot of people have already made money with my strategies and tactics - they may not include you, but I've done my best to ensure it does.

This is a PHYSICAL PRODUCT; refunds will NOT include shipping and handling or return shipping. Any returned goods must be in re-salable condition otherwise they will be subject to a 15% restocking fee.

* This is a PHYSICAL PRODUCT; refunds will NOT include shipping and handling or return shipping. Any returned goods must be in re-salable condition otherwise they will be subject to a 15% restocking fee.

I WILL NOT refund a purchase so a person can repurchase through another person's link. Any customer who refunds WILL NOT be given a second chance to buy. The second attempt to purchase WILL be refunded and no order will be accepted - NO exceptions.

Just a Few Endorsements and
Testimonials About the Book

(Please note: Customers are just now receiving their DVD packages - I prefer to share
their testimonials, the testimonials of REAL people and not those of my
guru buddies. That's why I'm sharing testimonials from the book, for now.)

"The Adwords Blackbook"

This is a radical book and won't be for everyone. While some of the techniques are things I wouldn't personally use I did get two fantastic ideas from the book I will be using heavily from now on. It definitely made a few ideas I had been pondering "come together" so to speak.

Disclaimer: If you are easily offended or freak out on radical ideas DON'T BUY THIS BOOK!

Allen Says, Owner, The Warrior Forum


Hi X,

I learned a lot from your ebook and think that it's incredible.

I'm not sure what I'd do with that ebook. I'm sure it would make you a good bit of money fairly quickly, but do you really want your competitors to know about it. I didn't see anything illegal (but I'm not a lawyer) or specifically against Google's TOS.

If it were my ebook, I probably would push it out in Rich Jerk fashion (not revealing my identity).

I guess it really depends upon your purpose in releasing the book and how much backend sales you anticpate making.

I need to go back and look at those xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx. :-)


Willie Crawford
Internet Marketing Legend
Owner, ProfitAutomation.com



I'd have to second Willie's thoughts...

...the info in Adwords Black Book is incredible. I've been around a long time, and a large chunk of that info was brand new to me!

On one hand, I'd say you could make a killing with that book. On the other hand, getting those tactics into the hands of too many people might ruin the tactics.

I can see why you're conflicted.

Also, that must have been some *serious* negative energy you had going there. Reading the first five tactics had me spellbound - both the tactics, and especially, the quick, short, agressive writing style.

That is some incredibly valuable information. I'd have a hard time letting go of it if I were in your shoes. Perhaps a very high price tag and a very specific audience would be required.

Hope this helps some!


Mike Long
Moderator, Ozemedia Forum
Owner, ArticleLightning.com



Blown away, seriously blown away mate.

I work with my team of ‘insultants’ as you so eloquently put it, and having been in the game for a while, I knew bugger all of the information you outlined in this book. But one thing I do know now, you’ve just helped line the pockets of my clients and I with extra profit. :-)

Had I known this information beforehand there wouldn’t be a way in hell you’d be able to pry it out of me, and for you to be giving it away for what you are, you’ve got to be... well… crazy!

Just do me a favor and limit the number of people who can get this?

Sincerely, Daniel Turner



Video Testimonials

Tracy Childers - Workshop Attendee

Tim Lakey - Workshop Attendee

I have lot's more -
just haven't gotten them setup yet.


Black Book DVD Closeout Sale

All sets of the Black Book DVDs have been sold except for a very limited quanitity of programs that were held back due to cosmetic flaws - manuals printed with the wrong font on the cover, DVD cases with labels put on crooked or upside down, etc.

The "good" sets of the Black Book DVDs were sold for $1197 but we've slashed prices on these remaining closeout sets by $900. That's right, you can receive all of the same great information that others page 4-times as much for - but this hot offer, and these remaining sets won't last long.

Act now - or wish you had later.

Order now, limited quanitities remaining

(Only $1197 $297 plus s&h)


Did I Botch It on Tom?

Hello "X",

Here's a bit of "help" for you.

Just in case some people think that the somewhat "harsh" tone in your sales
letters affects your customer service...

As you know, you were having problems shipping some promised DVDs to me and
took the trouble to track me down while I was surfing in a popular Internet
Marketing forum, sent me several personal messages, and got the situation
resolved. Instantly.

So if anybody is wondering, even though you may not want to admit it in
public, you are the nicest guy in the world when it comes to taking care of
your customers. The "harshness" is just a facade!

Best regards,

Tom Brownsword
Information Assurance Analyst
Bondorf, Germany


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